Oik Oik

Needed a site to blog on a bit, I have something post worthy coming soon. I left my new job after a few months. It was too much for me, I couldn’t deal with 150days+ a year away from my wife and kids, especially when they needed me home more than ever. Kinda hurts me a bit, but needed to be done. Hopefully I will find another place when I am ready, I would like to go back to making phones more secure again.

I saved up enough money to take a year or so off, so I am doing that right now. Taking this opportunity to learn some, bought a ton of Linux Kernel books, some security books, and a book on bees. Yeah, I got 2 bee hives as of right now as well. Bit worried about them making it over winter but we shall see.

Started a super secret project with my friend Ben Actis, won’t go into details about it right now, but it has already turned out some neat stuff. Maybe more on it later, maybe a talk on it, maybe we sell it, maybe we just keep it secret until the end of time.

Found a new vulnerability in an Android device today, pretty devastating one, not sure of the range of impact but it looks like it will hit quite a few devices, including a rather popular one in the Android community right now. Working with the responsible parties to get it fix. I will publish details here, it is after all the reason I have setup this blog.

P.S. I am taking contracts for work right now, one off short term projects, remote work only, no travel, no offensive work (I won’t write exploits for you, nor contribute to exploit development).

Written by jcase on August 31, 2016